Ice-skating is a very popular outdoor sport and is considered to be the foundation of a number of winter sports that we get to see in the Winter Olympics. The bad news is that like other winter sports, ice-skating has remained very ignored sport in Pakistan. This is the reason why Pakistani are unable to participate in the Winter Olympic games based in ice-skating like speed skating and figure skating that features ice dance that involves spins, jumps and turns on the ice.

Ice-skating also comes with immense health benefits and enjoyment. This winter sport can enhance your joint and muscle flexibility besides improving your foot movements, leg muscle buildup and knee suppleness. Another major benefit of ice-skating is improvement of the cardiovascular system. Your heart, lungs and muscles would get more oxygen in an intense ice-skating session.

Furthermore, ice-skating is an effective way to enhance your emotional and mental health. It requires a lot of concentration, robust memory, emotional awareness, confidence and the guts to overcome difficult situations.  PYO organizes ice-skating training in the Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindu Kush mountain ranges of Pakistan.

These regions have abundant opportunities for ice-skating enthusiasts. In order to qualify for PYO’s ice-skating competition, you would be required to have at least the basic skills of ice-skating. You can even get training in ice-skating in one of our camps.

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