Iqra Model School Arandu Basha

Education is among the top priorities of Pakistan Youth Outreach and the Iqra Model School Arandu Basha is a living example of our outreach to the ignored, disadvantaged communities living in the mountain areas of Pakistan. The idea to establish the school came in 2005 when PYO President Mirza Ali visited Arandu village with a Dutch Climbing Expedition for the Spantik Peak as a high altitude porter. He was shocked to see that there was no sign of a school in the whole village. He made a commitment to establish a school in the village.

Back from the Expedition, Mr. Ali started organizing resources and reached out to his network of friends and NGOs for help. Though it took time, but he successfully organized financial and human resource to kick-start the school of his dream. It took him almost 8 years to harvest support for the school. The school construction and teacher training were undertaken with a great enthusiasm.

Today, more than 400 children are enrolled in different classes of the school, with more than 160 boys and girls to be enrolled soon. We have continuously supported the school and we aim to do so in future. We strongly believe that this idea can be replicated in other ignored and underdeveloped rural and urban communities.

The Iqra Model School Arandu Basha is now a landmark in the community and surrounding areas. The building is equipped with the basic facilities and air classrooms. We have also trained the teachers under a rigorous training program. We aim to equip the school building with latest technologies and modern facilities like computer and science labs, libraries, simulated learning facilities, modern library and multimedia facilities.


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Organizing marathons is on the suture programs of PYO. We believe that instead of running in the streets, you deserve to race across stunning sceneries in the lush green valleys and mountains of Pakistan. We plan to set the trend for marathon by holding marathons in different locations across Pakistan every year.

Marathons can play effective role in engaging the young men and women of Pakistan in productive and healthy activities besides saving the youth from unhealthy and dangerous activities, lifestyles and habits like drug abuse and crimes. PYO will mobilize all resources possible to ensure that at least 3-4 marathons (26.2 miles race) are held every year.

We also plan to offer different tier programs under our marathon projects, tailoring them to the needs, fitness, experience, health and lifestyle of the participants. Young men and women would be able to pick the marathon tier that best fits their age, health, training, skill, dexterity and gender.

When it comes to marathons in Pakistan, we have noticed that there is an extreme dearth of such programs throughout the country. Also, the few marathons held to dare were following the traditional approaches, meaning they were not flexible and dynamic. We aim to introduce a marathon mechanism that would perfectly cater to the schedule of the prospective participants.

Our program would utilize the experience and skills of athletes to get you on track. Our expert trainers would ensure that you are not in for one-off race, but for a career in marathon. PYO would also integrate a variety of fun and excitement-laden events parallel with the marathons. We would make this possible by using our already strong bond with the local communities in the mountain areas of Pakistan.

Outdoor Leadership

Developing and nurturing outdoor leadership falls under the core components of PYO’s youth development interventions planned for the future. We see ourselves working to expand the capacity of young men and women to take up and excel in leadership roles in outdoor activities. The existing state of outdoor activities for the youth is dismal. We not only plan to introduce innovative approaches to train the youth to lead with example, but also set a trend for other organizations to follow suit.

The brains behind PYO strongly believe that leadership roles in outdoor activities lie on edifying alliances, engaging mindshare and helping young men and women develop, grow and polish their skills and capabilities in outdoor activities like skiing, mountain climbing, ice skating, high altitude guiding, swimming, high altitude trekking and boating etc.

While some people may have born leaders, many of us have to be nurtured to become leaders. We understand that most leadership skills are gradually gained via training, practice, hard work, determination and inspiration. Though getting the cream of the crop might work quickly for others, we at PYO invest in young men and women through training, so they become equipped with the right skills and tools required to take up outdoor leadership roles.

We plan to set up demonstration, training and mentoring programs to achieve our outdoor leadership goals. These factors are very critical to the success of outdoor leadership development. Our training model would include young men and women selected through a rigorous selection process and their mingling with outdoor experts from around the world. Similar sessions and mentoring programs would act as a stimulus for strategic learning relationship among the local talents and international trainers.

In order to provide the youth the opportunity to put their gained skills to the test, we would challenge them to participate in high endurance outdoor activities. We would judge their skills of coping with stress and pressure during the games, utilizing their managerial, enterprise and leadership skills to make outdoor events successful. Their cognitive, emotional and social skills would also be kept under the watch of the judgment radar during the outdoor leadership demonstration sessions.

Career Development

 Working for career development of the youth of Pakistan is a major future milestone of Pakistan Youth Outreach. There is no denying that career development is a lasting process for a person that starts with his or her birth. Unfortunately, this fact remains rarely endorsed in Pakistan. PYO aims to undertake projects of career development for the young men and women of Pakistan.

With a focus on outdoor activities, hotel and hospitality, entrepreneurship, winter sports, mountaineering, high altitude guiding, high altitude caretaking and a host of associated sectors, our career development interventions will take into account the skills, interests, background, emotional intelligence, physical and cognitive fitness and priorities of young Pakistanis in order to help them nurture, develop and excel in their careers.

PYO will make this possible by organizing training workshops, seminars and conferences. We will not only develop and polish the skills of the youth, but also connect them with the industry and extend lifelong career support to them. Our focus would be on development and sharpening of the technical and conceptual skills of the program beneficiaries in addition to developing their soft skills and emotional intelligence.

Our long-term plan includes establishment of a Career Development Center (CDC) that would cater to the changing needs and requirements of both the job seekers and employers. The CDC would help the youth by:

  • Helping them in choosing a career
  • Exploring career scopes in new and traditional fields
  • Training the youth in the skills demanded by employers
  • Connecting young men and women with the job market
  • Developing and polishing the resume writing and interviewing skills of the youth
  • Helping professionals to keep up with new trends and innovations in their career

High altitude sports fitness program

PYO aims to provide its beneficiaries a total and holistic solution; therefore, we also plan to introduce high altitude core sports fitness program. Under this program, PYO would improve and enhance the health of existing and aspiring high altitude sports enthusiasts, so they remain physically, emotionally and cognitively fit for high altitude adventures.

Fitness remains a core element of and a deciding factor in the success of high altitude sports players. It is important to understand that the fundamental issue with high altitude is the dearth of oxygen. While this may not pose serious risk to people at rest at high altitude, it can be life threatening for people in action, especially those undertaking high endurance sports activities like skiing, ice skating, trekking and climbing.

PYO aims to train young men and women under its high altitude sports fitness program by engaging them in endurance training, acclimatization, simulations and competitions. Besides physical problems like mountain sickness, there are a number of cognitive, emotional and physiological problems that can take toll on the athletes. In order to stay safe and succeed in high altitude sports, it is very important to prepare yourself in advance, and PYO plans to make that possible for you.

Our high altitude sports fitness program would include components like:

  • High altitude exposure
  • Long breath holding practice
  • High altitude diving
  • Acclimatization
  • Load carrying
  • Running uphill
  • Sessions on emotional intelligence
  • Sessions on enduring psychologically unfavorable situations
  • Yoga

Tourism and hospitality workshops

Pakistan Youth Outreach aims to develop and sharpen the skills of aspirants who want to work in the tourism and hospitality sector. Unlike other conventional approaches used by existing organizations, PYO’s approach would be totally different and grounded in innovative practices, learning methods, concepts and practical demonstrations.

We plan to acquaint young men and women interested in starting career in the tourism and hospitality sector with the latest practices and concepts being followed in the industry and international market in addition to preparing them to excel in challenging and competitive environments.

It is pertinent to mention here that the tourism and hospitality sector of Pakistan is revising and we are witnessing tremendous opportunities for growth and expansion of the industry. In order to meet the industry’s demand for the highest standards of workforce, it is important to nurture, develop and groom young men and women to start long term, professional career in this sector.

Our trainings and workshop curriculum would be designed by taking global practices of tourism and hospitality into account in addition to national, regional and local values, culture, heritage and traditions. In order to excel in the briskly changing tourism and hospitality sector, tourism professionals need to equip themselves with the necessary skills, so they can make strategic analysis and make informed, strategic decisions.

PYO also plans to hone and advance the skills and conceptual knowledge of existing tourism professionals by engaging them in advanced trainings. The rigorous workshops would arm the professionals with the modern, critical and globally accepted and practiced standards of tourism and hospitality.

Research programs

PYO plans to launch research programs in a number of fields in the future, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Culture
  • Environment
  • Outdoors and sports
  • Nature and environment
  • Food
  • Climate change
  • Mountains
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Drug abuse
  • Youth problems and suicidal tendencies

The research areas listed above are very crucial in the context of the environment of Pakistan in general, and among the mountain communities in particular. The researches would not only equip us with scientific knowledge to base our future interventions upon, but also contribute to the scientific knowledge base of the country.

We plan to engage highly experienced, educated and skilled researchers to undertake these studies. Young researchers would also be encouraged to accompany the research teams, so their research skills could be honed. It is worth mentioning here that the mountain and rural communities of Pakistan are extremely ignored and plagued with a number of problems. These problems first need to be investigated via researches before any intervention is taken, so the outcomes of any intervention are meaningful, effective, sustainable and relevant.

It is important to understand that nurturing the culture of research is a backbone of unveiling problems of the society. Researches can help solve existing problems and prevent future problems. It is also very crucial in the decision making process of individuals, the society, NGOs, the government and other organizations.

The bad news, however, is that our country is suffering from a lack of research culture. Pakistan Youth Outreach plans to promote research culture in the country by engaging professional researchers with aspiring researchers and connecting them with third party supervisors and academic professionals. We strongly believe that the leaders of tomorrow must be equipped with the right set of skills, so they can take bigger challenges head on. PYO aims to not only to undertake researches about the factors critical to the development of the mountain and rural communities, but also prepare young men and women as future researchers.

Professional development

Professional development is one of the most crucial, but ignored areas in Pakistan. PYO aims to undertake projects for professional development of young men and women, so they can excel in their careers. We plan to do this through trainings and workshops that would focus on strengthening the abilities of the youth to optimize their skills, knowledge and creativity. Our professional development workshops would prepare young professionals for the future.

We have noticed that young professionals in any field are rarely given the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. PYO aims to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of young professionals, so they are at part with international standards. After the workshops and training sessions, our project beneficiaries would be capable of competing and excelling in the global industries.

We also plan to offer a full personal development training where future leaders, entrepreneurs, explorers, adventurers, players and managers would get the chance to sharpen their skills, including critical thinking, public speaking, time management, technology usage, creative thinking and communication.

We also believe that professional development is not a one-off session; it should be a complete part of the organization, but sadly, only a few organizations are currently working for professional development of their employees. We plan to extend our services to all interested organizations, so they can seek our help or outsource their professional development to us.

Risk Management

Risk Management is a vital part of the recreational activities and can assume a fundamental part in helping youth to get these critical life abilities. Minimizing the risk comes down to having the right level of expertise and experience in respect to the difficulty of the activity. Pakistan Youth Outreach works to minimize mishaps in mountaineering and climbing by creating and modifying specialized safety standards for gear. We continually survey mountaineering and climbing accidents to figure out whether the benchmarks are at a sufficiently high level and change them if essential. We additionally give climbers exhortation how to treat their gear, and how best to utilize it to stay away from accidents and conduct workshops on rescue.




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