Ice climbing is a very challenging and exciting outdoor activity. Being surrounded by ice and snow covered mountains can be enjoyable too. PYO organizes ice-climbing competitions for Pakistani youth in places that boast ice covered mountains. You will enjoy and get thrilled as we take you from temperate -angle glacier walks to upright, mountain or frozen waterfall climbing.

PYO organizes ice-climbing competitions in places where there are frozen waterfalls, hills, peaks, glaciers and mountains. Since nature has blessed the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan with abundant ice climbing opportunities, PYO organizes most of its ice climbing competitions in the Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindu Kush mountains ranges in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral.

You need to be physically and mentally fit to qualify for the competition in addition to having at least the basic ice climbing skills. You must also know how to use ice-climbing tools like the axes and crampons. When it comes to alpine ice climbing, you may be required to walk flatfoot with crampons and an ice axe during the competition. The competition has different levels, with the most challenging one being glacier and mountain ice climbing because they demand sophisticated techniques to adjust to the ice conditions and gradient angles.

You must also be fully prepared (physically, mentally and emotionally) to deal with adverse and highly challenging situations because the worst thing could occur any time, such as a brain freeze. If you are an adventure junkie, chances are we’ll find you sticking flat against the glacier side or frozen waterfall for hours and even days with your picks and rope. Ice climbing is thrilling and dangerous. In the glaciers, you could fall into a crevasse anytime and you may get frostbites. However, PYO the toughest competitions are held only for the most trained, toughest people. If you are a starter or an amateur ice climber, we’ll guide you to pick the competition that best suits your level.

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Pakistan Youth Outreach is a nonprofit organization established by the youth for the youth of Pakistan. We encourage young men and women to undertake adventures and learn to excel in challenging situations. Our goal is to promote unity, share diversity and pluralism and to encourage the youth to take initiatives, engage in outdoors and work in teams.

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