PYO team understands that there are many young climbers and outdoor enthusiasts out there who are aiming to take their skills to the next level. While they may or may not have undergone trainings or practices, PYO has introduced a talent development program for all such climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. We also understand that for some reasons, the lure of outdoors is drawing you to pursue high performances and opportunities.

PYO is committed to provide these young winter sports and climbing talents the chance to develop and hone their skills. Our talent development program takes in dozens of talents from across the country, based on their interests and existing skills. These people are then trained under a rigorous program where they get the opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and skills in outdoors. The program gives you the chance to put your passions to the test and showcase your skills in highly challenging and competitive environments.

Getting selected for the PYO talent development program is your first step towards an exciting career in mountaineering and outdoors, including winter sports. You will be meticulously trained in highly controlled and challenging settings, so you could be readied physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to spend most of your time among the blessings of nature in the mountains. In order to qualify for the talent development program, you must be 18 years old and have basic understanding and skills of outdoors and mountain climbing.

If you want to know your eligibility for our talent development program, contact us now.


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Pakistan Youth Outreach is a nonprofit organization established by the youth for the youth of Pakistan. We encourage young men and women to undertake adventures and learn to excel in challenging situations. Our goal is to promote unity, share diversity and pluralism and to encourage the youth to take initiatives, engage in outdoors and work in teams.

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