One of the core components of Pakistan Youth Outreach is to educate Pakistan. In order to create awareness among the population about a diverse range of educational, social, environmental, developmental and cultural issues, PYO organizes workshops and seminars. These workshops and seminars are held across the country, with a clear focus on youth participation.

The main focus of PYO’s workshops and seminars is on education; therefore, we have been organizing workshops, seminars and trainings for teachers, educators, educational administrators, students, parents and community members. We strongly believe that good teachers go beyond their call of duty by continuing their education. To help continue their education, we engage them in seminars and workshops where they get to learn from other teachers and trainers. In these sessions, we make it certain that the participants get armed with latest technologies, innovations and methods in education.

PYO’s aim is to reach out to areas where there is no existence of schools and educational institutes because we strongly believe that such areas deserve more attention. Before establishing schools, we start by mobilizing the community members and parents through workshops and seminars where we educate them about the importance of education for their children and themselves.

Another focus area of PYO is to educate the youth about the environment, outdoor activities, winter sports, climate change, heritage and cultural preservation, wildlife conservations … you name it.

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Pakistan Youth Outreach is a nonprofit organization established by the youth for the youth of Pakistan. We encourage young men and women to undertake adventures and learn to excel in challenging situations. Our goal is to promote unity, share diversity and pluralism and to encourage the youth to take initiatives, engage in outdoors and work in teams.

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Phone: (+92) 0313-9992210
Address: Islamabad, Pakistan

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