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Pakistan Youth Outreach Foundation Mountaineering Camp In SWAT
For the past ten years, Pakistan Youth Outreach has been organizing outdoor sports related events for youth. The outdoor mountaineering training camp is initiative of mountaineering Mr. Mirza Ali, as a part of wider youth outreach program. In particular, the purpose of this event is to promote outdoor sports, encourage those wants to participation in
1st Gilgit Baltistan Film Festival 2018
Gilgit Baltistan 1st Karakorum International Mountain Film Festival has received an incredibly positive response organized by Pakistan Youth Outreach Foundation in collaboration with UNDP (United Nation Development Program). The audience enthralled with the world-class quality of the short documentaries and featured films submitted by international filmmakers, the festival charm was the presence of least known,
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In an exploratory climbing expedition, Mirza Ali has taken this initiative and executed women expedition at Passu Peak from 18 July – 11 August 2017. Passu Peak is a strenuous climb and takes 30 days of grueling physical hardship to surmount the peak that includes training and acclimatization. This expedition demonstrated the huge
Press Release Pakistan Youth Outreach (PYO), in collaboration with Karakorum Expeditions, proudly initiated national women winter expedition to an unnamed, unclimbed peak, for the first time in Pakistan’s mountaineering history. The National Women Winter Expedition was lead by the renowned and only female Mountaineer of Pakistan to summit Mt. Everest, Ms. Samina Baig. The expedition


Great effects team PYO I just wanted to say many, many thanks for a fantastic weekend.  It was extremely well led and I learnt loads as well as having a very worthwhile time. I will certainly recommend you to all. Thanks again for an excellent mountaineering course.
Mehruban Karim
It was too cold though I was able to make it. The training I feel is well structured and each individual gains valuable skills no matter what level you are at. Thank you so much PYO team for organizing such a great event for youth.
Maria Wafa
I feel it’s a great way to meet others who I understand are at different stages of training or at different levels of experience with the great outdoors. All in all I enjoyed the time away and meeting others who are in the same position and being able to take time out and being able take part of the ski camp. Great service and support from all involved. Cheers.
I think through winter sports, we can let women participate in winter Olympics, since no female participated in Winter Olympics, participating such event will inspire young girls to do well within their field of work. I hope to encourage other girls to take part in such outdoor programs, because it’s good for confidence and understanding our ability, this makes us strong facing hardship.
Shadab Haider


Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits! 

Skiing is the pleasurable part of alpinism – way more pleasurable and fun than alpine climbing



Our goal is to promote unity, share diversity and pluralism and to encourage the youth to take initiatives, engage in outdoors and work in teams. We are also working for women empowerment and gender equity by providing young women and men the opportunity to engage in winter sports and share their knowledge and experiences.



We have already established an excellent reputation and name in organizing outdoor sports events for the youth. Our pioneering initiative“PYO Winter Games” is a living example of our commitment to the promotion of outdoors among the young generation.



We have already established a strong foothold among the youth of Pakistan. With hundreds of members across the country, PYO has not only affirmed Pakistan’s potential for winter sports events, but also the potential of the country’s young men and women to learn, practice and excel in winter sports activities.



We hold a broad vision for the promotion of Winter Games in Pakistan. Our existing and future projects, and our planning and action plans are all geared towards the vision we have for outdoors and winter sports in the country.

About Us


Pakistan Youth Outreach is a nonprofit organization established by the youth for the youth of Pakistan. We encourage young men and women to undertake adventures and learn to excel in challenging situations. Our goal is to promote unity, share diversity and pluralism and to encourage the youth to take initiatives, engage in outdoors and work in teams.

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Phone: (+92) 0313-9992210
Email: info@pakistanyouthoutreach.com
Address: Islamabad, Pakistan

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